On Repeat Home Deliveries

Never run out of your pet’s favourite food with On-Repeat (Previously Bottomless Bowl)

Regular orders appear on your doorstep like magic! You can set your favourite products to be repeatedly delivered to you every as often as you like - whichever works best for you and your pets.Life with your pet is fun. 

Making emergency dashes to our store isn’t! We'll keep in touch to let you know when your next repeat order will be delivered, and we'll make sure you get the best deal we have available on the day of your repeat delivery.

From food to flea treatments, prescriptions to poo bags, we can deliver everything that your pet needs regularly.


Is On-Repeat secure?

Yes! Firstly, we don't store your credit card data on our servers. At the point of your first order, your card data is sent and stored with Klarna, our PCI Level 1 compliant payment partner.

Is my card used to charge future transactions?

The short answer is No. We don't use credit card details to bill subsequent On Repeat orders. Instead, we use last transaction information that Klarna stores on our behalf. Not retaining or using your credit card details keeps everything super safe.

Can I change my card details for my On-Repeat order?

You can only change your card if it fails to charge on a repeat cycle. Once failed, you will receive an email stating that the card has been rejected, please follow the link to set up the new card and reactivate the order. Alternatively, feel free to cancel the current order and set a new one up with your new card details.

Can I pay the driver cash, card on delivery or by bank transfer?

Regrettable no. All orders must be pre-paid, We do not accept bank transfer payment for On-Repeat orders.

What happens if my credit card can't be charged?

If the last transaction information can't be charged your On-Repeat order will go into a paused state. At this point, you'll receive an email asking you to add a new card. Simply login and add a new card.

Why has my On-Repeat order not been processed?

There are several reasons for not being processed. Two of the most common reasons are:

·         Your card has expired

·         There are not enough funds against the card to process the order

Your last On Repeat order has been cancelled, refunded or partially refunded

If this happens, you're On Repeat order will be paused and we will email you. Simply add a new card to re-start On Repeat

Can my On-Repeat order be paused?

Going on holiday or not quite finished your last order? No problem! You can pause and restart your On-Repeat order at any point. Simply login to your dashboard, navigate to your repeat orders and set them to pause.

Can I cancel my On-Repeat order?

We'll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel you're On Repeat order at any time. There are no contracts and you're free to leave at any time.

Will I still receive a delivery slot for my On-Repeat order?

Yes. We are simply upgrading the service to automate the payment process. The way your order is delivered will remain the same.